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plz massage therapy


Update May 31, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Massage therapy is now allowed to "slowly" reopen under new guidelines and practices.  There will be quite a few changes in how things are done, procedures to follow, and gear required. 

I still have a couple admin details to work out, but all will be in place and ready to open on Tuesday, June 2 for regular appointments.  I have set up my system to send receipts via email, the choice is yours.  

Hand sanitizing is now required when you enter the clinic, and because there is no such thing as social distancing when it comes to massage, so a mask will be required.  If you have your own mask that's perfect, but if you don't, I can give you a disposable one.  There will also be a health screening, involving a list of questions.

Many people love to have the heating pad, so I have invested in ones that can be disinfected.

Until I see you again, stay healthy, try to stay sane, and keep moving.

All the best,